About Geraobi HotelS

Geraobi Hotels is a core African Hotel, whose foremost objective is to set the standard that is in tandern with International best practices. We offer a wide range of exclusively personalised services to our Guests and Clients.


We believe that Geraobi Hotels by virtue of our excellent and courteous services to our esteemed Guests and Clients will always be the place to be for your leisure and relaxation. It is our goal that you enjoy a wonderful experience with us.

Our Rooms are designed to offer the best comfort and luxury to our Guests and Clients.

Our products and services are of international standard :-

- Tastefully furnished Rooms and Suites
  • - Out door Catering Services
  • - Open air lounge/Bar
  • - 24 Hours Internet Service
  • - Crispy Clean environment
  • - Delightful eating experience


More of Geraobi HOTELS

At Geraobi Hotels while in our open lounge Bar, you can view Umuahia City at a glance. The serenity and experience are something you cannot beat.

A warm and splendid cullinary experience awaits you at our Restuarant.

Spacious Car Park, with high tech security.

A sit-out with full natural air and blazing Internet Wifi Network for your full relaxation.


To provide a platform for world class service delivery in the hospitality industry.


  • Our services are based on the core value of offering our Guests and Clients the most courteous service based on our intergrity, professionalism and passion for excellent service delivery.

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